Our Story

Our mission is to encourage the creativity and self-guidance to seek knowledge through choice, for sport is simply a blueprint for life. The decisions you make in life will mirror the decisions you make in sport. We believe intelligence is important to an athlete's development and we will share our knowledge and use it until it becomes wisdom.

VENOA is more than athletes and trainers working in their community. It's anyone who has been mentored by, trained with or supported VENOA. It is (underline for emphasis) a community. It's a brotherhood/sisterhood working together for the collective. Our system is to help those who come through to develop their own ideals and create the self-principles to fuel their purpose. The passing of the torch is VENOA, what you choose to do with it is the creed.




Find Your Core

From beginner to advance development on the court. Varies from the fundamentals of basketball to learning reads and reacts to game situations. Enhancing Individual skill-set also working on team concepts.


That's the work

VENOA style of Athletic Development

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Speed, Power and Explosiveness

  • Fast and Slow twitch Fibres

  • Endurance

There are many aspects we can work on with any athlete, but the biggest difference with us is we are sport specific. With different training techniques that are good for all category of sports which help the athlete understand their own body, so they can figure out what works and doesn’t work for them. Open to all levels of fitness.


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